Girro Sim Pro  XR

Check out our take on good quality and high-performance sim racing pedals.
A stunning performance without compromises.

Hand made in Europe

High standard quality control and finish. Carefully prepared by people with passion, for
people with passion.

High quality materials

Stainless steel. High-end electronic components. Our pedals are designed to be the last set
that you will ever need.

Leo Bodnar Interface

A high-resolution 16-bit load cell interface ensures, that every input that you make is
transferred correctly.

Three years of Warranty

All of our products come with 3 years warranty and online customer support.
Girro Sim was founded by Kuba Bluj with the aim of providing high-quality products at an affordable price. Our equipment is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 3mm or 6mm, where each part, after initial laser cutting, is meticulously polished and glassed to achieve a smooth and glossy surface.

We utilize renowned Mavin strain gauge sensors in our pedals, ensuring smooth and precise transmission of data to the computer. The PCB board is specially protected and shielded to ensure reliability.

Thanks to the full adjustment of pedal geometry and force, users can customize their settings to their individual preferences using the provided toolset. The DiView software facilitates configuration by allowing adjustment of parameters such as dead zone, braking force, and basic pedal input curve.
Additionally, the pedals offer Plug & Play functionality via USB connection, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of racing and rally titles, including iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Dirt Rally, rFactor, Richard Burns Rally, Rennsport, Le Mans Ultimate, and many more. This enables users to enjoy a full range of racing and rally experiences using our equipment.
Our goal is to deliver high-quality equipment that meets the expectations of even the most demanding users, while remaining accessible to a wide range of customers.

We serve over 200+ happy clients
Hi, my name is Kuba Bluj, and my adventure with simracing started around 2008 when, as a kid, I began playing Live for Speed using a mouse and keyboard. Later on, of course, it was time for my first steering wheel purchases, which made playing games like LFS and RBR even more exciting. Unfortunately, there were sometimes long breaks due to lack of time or broken equipment, which at that time lacked quality. In 2014, I finally bought my first force feedback steering wheel and started my journey in iRacing. Even though on my old laptop I often achieved only 30 frames per second, the satisfaction and joy of driving both in the car and on virtual tracks were incredible. The slight thrill of competition, focus on the track, opponents, and racing line - all of this made me forget about everyday life problems. That's why I fell in love with simracing just as much as I loved real motor sports before. In 2018, I wanted something more, so I bought a new PC and started looking mainly for new pedals because it was difficult to feel the right sensations on the old T3PA ones. Unfortunately, the prices of decent simracing equipment were very high, and investing in a steering wheel or pedals for the price of a used car seemed pointless to me. Therefore, using my studies, I designed the first sim pedals, and since then, developing and building them has become one of my passions. To this day, you can mainly find me on iRacing, RBR servers, in GT3 cars, Porsche Cup, WRC, where I often participate in competitions or test various solutions. See you on the virtual tracks!


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Girro Sim XR Pro+CLUTCH

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How can I calibrate my pedals?

You can download calibration programs HERE or HERE

Where can I find calibration instructions?

A video tutorial can be found HERE or you can download pdf version HERE POLISHHERE ENGLISH.

What is the order fulfillment time?

The order processing time is typically from 1 day to 7 days. However, if pedals are out of stock, such information will be placed on the website. In that case, it is best to inquire about the processing time by writing in the contact section.

What are the best elastomer combinations?

If you have switched from potentiometer pedals or if you drive in socks, we recommend
trying default configurations, if you like shorter pedal travel you can add some 2 mm black
bushings to elastomers or you can short spring travel. If you drive in boots or like a firmer
pedal feel, We recommend adding Girro Sim upgrade kit to your order.

What are the pedals and baseplate dimensions?

If you want to know if our pedals fit to your rig, please check their dimensions.



What are the terms of the warranty?

All our products are provided with 3 years guarantee. The full warranty conditions in can be found in English HERE and in Polish HERE.

How to calibrate pedals in IRacing?

HERE  are instructional calibration videos.

How can I pay?

You could pay by:
Bank Transfer (it takes max 2 days), Paypal (it takes max 2 days)
or by Card (about 7 days)

Is it possible to buy without VAT?

If you have a European VAT ID, then you could buy our products without VAT. If you are outside the EU you can also buy without VAT.
For more information message

How much is the delivery charge?

The products are delivered by DHL, DPD, FEDEX, UPS, GLS and INPOST couriers.

Delivery costs to specific regions:
EU- 25 EUR
Delivery costs in euros may vary slightly depending on the currency exchange rate. In the shopping cart, after entering the address, the current delivery cost will be displayed.


Check out our take on good quality and high performance simracing pedals.
Stunning performance, without compromises. 


Check out our take on good quality and high-performance sim racing pedals.
A stunning performance without compromises.

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